Hi, I am Nadia

Every one of us has the greatness and ability to achieve the meritorious goals we hold dear to us. Are you searching for guidance, that little extra help, a plan to achieve this greatness? How about starting a new business, or do what you truly love and make a difference in the world?

Meet Nadia. Initially born in Ukraine she spent her formative years and early adulthood in the Middle East helping her parents run two successful businesses in the midst of two wars before finally settling in the UK. Nadia was nineteen years old when she hit her entrepreneurial stride running and managing her uncle’s garment factory.

However in the UK after an unsatisfactory marriage ended in divorce, with a dead-end job and ending up in a small, cold, cold flat she wondered what had happened and felt nothing but worthless. This isn’t the life she envisioned, yet from this realisation, she had an epiphany.

With her strong mental courage, endless life experiences, business acumen and strong determination, she decided enough was enough. She wanted a comfortable stream of income, a lovely house, trips around the world – after all, who doesn’t dream of these things?

Instead of letting your mind succumb to feeling sorry for yourself, tossed on the world seas without a rudder, she thought let’s take control, let’s be the best I can be. Let’s focus on greatness.

She changed everything from her diet to her relationship with money and people. This was a journey, and affirmation to her greatness, to keep her on top form to achieve the goals she wanted.

Nadia’s life has now changed immeasurably and she has developed a 21 days programme for you to do the same.

In 2019 Nadia Sylvester achieved her goal of completing further education when she gained an MECP (MSc in Entrepreneurial Consultancy and Practice) at The University of Buckingham.

Nadia Sylvester- Business Growth

MEc (Masters in Entrepreneurial Consultancy and Practice).

NLP Practitioner Coach

Certified Life Coach

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