Your Success in Life, Business & Career depends 100% on both your

mindset and the way you feel about yourself

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Does this sound like you? If you are nodding in agreement,

What We

Personal Coaching

We help you gain insight into where are you now in life/business or career and where you want to be. This will be done by understanding and reviewing your current situation before providing you with a clear strategic direction towards your goals and expectations. Why now book your FREE 20 minutes consultation.

Business Growth Consultant

If you want to implement a new strategy to increase your competitive advantages, or you may need guidance and advice to get there. We will work with you to conduct a thorough review and formalise a clear plan of action. 

We also support business startups

How We

Step 1:
FREE Consultation

20 minutes FREE consultation.We believe in confidentiality to our clients. This is your chance to express about your current situation, challenges and obstacles that you are going through, then highlight what you want to achieve. Please prepare your questions in advance as time is limited at this stage.

Step 2:
Online Session

90% of our clients prefer online or telephone sessions. Why? This method will save you time, money, give you convenience and flexibility, plus it's good for the environment (cut footprint to a minimum).. How? The session will run via Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom.

Step 3:
Starting Your Journey

Before the end of step 2, both yourself & your coach or mentor will agree to continue further three months extra sessions, which will be run twice/ month 2/hrs each session. All T&Cs will be discussed before the session starts.

Over 25 years of experience in personal & business transformation. Using powerful tools such as to help you grow & lead by example


Get to know me

During our upbringing, we ae encounter many challenges; these challenges have two sources; external & internal environment which is based on our childhood and upbringing. We all have the opportunities to transform our life; it starts with our thinking pattern, understanding our emotions, the events that trigger it. Life is challenging, what makes it unique to you and me is based on our own experiences and how we overcome these challenges.

Life never meant to be easy despite the material we own. We have to go through the experiences, learn from it, take the good out from it, and build our resilience. This is my ultimate passion to support you in this journey of transformation. Here’s something for you to take home, ask yourself these three questions honestly:

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • How am I going to get it?
Nadia Sylvester

Nadia Sylvester

  Entrepreneur | Life Coach | Business Transformation Specialists

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