10 Tips to Motivate Yourself


Hearing the same message over and over again:

“How do I change my negative thought patterns? No matter how hard I try nothing is happening”

I congratulate you in your remarkable decision to giving this subject so much thoughts.

Even the sports champions are defeated simply because they had some doubt, anger, frustrations and unsolved internal conflict, which resulted in them losing control and motivation.

Justine Henin

The good news is  these types of patterns can be changed, but first you need to identify them then secondly understand them, by asking yourself  “Why do these images or sounds keep apprearing in my  thoughts, right at the time and at the moment when I really don’t need them disturbing me?”

This also could happen to anyone in spite who they are or what their profession is.

Today we are going to focus on how to gain control by following some basic process that lead you to master self-control and achieve the result you have always wanted to achieve. My method with my clients is mastering the basics first.

The starting point is to think positive

No matter what  your current challenges are, if you keep holding onto thoughts that holding you back, then you are dragging them along with you everywhere; even to your holiday but I don’t think that would be fun or enjoyable.

No matter what  your current challenges are, if you keep holding onto thoughts that holding you back, then you are dragging them along with you everywhere; even to your holiday but I don’t think that would be fun or enjoyable.

When you start planting a positive thoughts then you will start getting positive results such as passing an exam, leading a meeting, winning a tennis match or a football game and so on. The feeling of success will boost your confidence, energise you and motivate you to do even better and better and become the top on your field. How wonderful is that?  You have the choice to do that and more by starting from today to choose a winning mind-set

Your thoughts are like data or seeds that you planting your garden with. Your Subconscious Mind or the Soil will accept any data or seeds that you are planting. Like the soil your subconscious mind has not single clue if it was an apple or cherry seed that was planted; it just accepts the data and happily stores them.

Let’s add some extra ingredients to it such as persistence and tenacity; then you will have complete control and choose over your thoughts and thinking.

My grandfather told me one day;

If you think good, then good will come your way, so you have one option which is to think good.”

Every day is a different day and every day we experience new challenges, paths that lead to new opportunities, learn from them and be inspired.

Below is a list that gives you guidance and steps you need to follow in order to attain the  and the result you want:

  • Understand Your Thinking Pattern
  • Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs
  • Set Higher Standard
  • Set Goals
  • Find out Who Inspires You
  • Connect with Positive People
  • Get Support
  • Start Small Think Big
  • Learn New Thing
  • Be proud of yourself

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