About Nadia

Each and every one of us has the greatness and ability to achieve the meritorious goals we hold dear to us. Do you need guidance, that little extra help, a plan to achieve this greatness?

Meet Nadia. Originally born in Kiev and spent most of her life living in the Middle East, helping her parents run two successful businesses in the midst of two wars before finally settling in the UK. 

After some time, Nadia hit her entrepreneurial groundhog day after an unsatisfactory marriage ending in divorce, dead end job and a small, cold flat. She wondered what had happened, and felt nothing but worthless. This isn’t the life she envisioned, yet from this realisation, she had an epiphany.

With her strong mental courage, endless life experiences, business acumen and strong determination, she decided enough was enough. She wanted a comfortable stream of income, a lovely house, trips around the world – after all, who doesn’t dream of these things?

Instead of letting your mind succumb to feeling sorry for yourself, tossed on the wild seas without a rudder, she thought let’s take control, let’s be the best I can be. Let’s focus on my greatness.

 She changed everything from her diet to her relationship with money management and people. This was a journey, and affirmation to her greatness, to keep her on top form for the goals she wanted to achieve.

Nadia’s life has now changed immeasurably, and has developed a 21 day program for you to do exactly the same.

Nadia Sylvester

Nadia’s life has now changed immeasurably, and has developed a 21 day program for you to do exactly the same. Take control and change your life for the better by booking a free 30 minute consultation via: 
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Nadia made me feel very much at ease, from the very first session on I left like a part of her family and got the Tina Eison impression that Nadia was sincere and personal interested in helping me with the issues I had. Nadia was a very good listener that makes you as the narrator feel appreciated and that your stories and experiences are important. Feedback was effective, when subjects needed t be explored deeper, Nadia know how to dig deeper. I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone interested in personal development.
Tina Eison
Professional Photographer
As part of her participation on a business start-up course, Nadia Sylvester facilitated a personal development training session to enable business delegates to focus on maximising their potential. The feedback from participants was very good and her presentation style was professional, insightful and motivating. I would be happy to recommend her service to anyone interested in personal development
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.21.43
Phil Green, Maybe Magazine
Founder of Maybe Magazine
A warm, genuine person & a strong desire to help you succeed. Nadia is very passionate and endeavours to help you realise your potential. Jill
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 22.43.42
Jill Gardner
Fat Burner | Personal Trainer
Nadia has a natural flair for coaching with her approachable, friendly and professional manner. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who in their professional career as she will listen, analyse your situation thoroughly before finally guiding you towards your goals. Top Quality, Great Results, Personable, Good Value.
Miss L- UK
Regional Account Manager
Thank you for being such an uplifting person. You have such a great spirit, very positive and outgoing. Nadia, you have helped so many people, including me and I just wanted to take the time out and tell you how SPECIAL you are, thank you o;) Nadia!! I am so thankful that God has put you in my life and I can call you friend and I am so Blessed to have known you, I pray much success for you and happiness my dear... Keep up the great work, you are an inspirational to us all... Keep smiling... Keep sharing...Always be U
Writer - USA
Nadia's intensive coaching sessions helped me to recognise my abilities that I have, her approach helped me to accomplish my goals faster than I was expected. With her calm professional approach made me feel really important. I am now feel 100% focus and assurance how to approach challenges also helped me to be very organised in my tasks and find short cut. I highly recommend Nadia’s coaching sessions to anyone who keen to make a positive change in their life and career
Business Analysts - South U.K